We Tow What Other Companies Can't

We Tow What Other Companies Can't

We provide reliable heavy-duty towing services in Brick & Toms River, NJ and beyond

Unlike smaller towing companies, Point Pleasant Towing has the certifications and equipment to offer heavy-duty towing services in Brick, NJ and the surrounding area. We can tow anything up to 75,000 pounds, including heavy-duty equipment.

Contact Point Pleasant Towing for heavy hauling services in the Brick, NJ area. We'll send a certified driver to your location right away.

3 reasons to trust us for 24/7 emergency services

Point Pleasant Towing offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for all types of vehicles, including heavy-duty ones. You can trust our services because:

  1. We can come to any location at any time.
  2. We can change tires on any vehicle weighing up to 75,000 pounds.
  3. We can deliver any kind of fuel to your location right away.

Call 732-903-7600 today to learn more about our roadside assistance or heavy-duty towing services. We serve Brick, NJ and offer long-distance towing to any location.